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Professional and Collegiate Athlete Disability Insurance

Professional and Collegiate Athlete Disability Insurance         by Thomas Petersen… Last week, I found myself sunk into a comfortable, dark-leather booth, sipping a refreshing Irish ale in one of Los Angeles’ more popular dining establishments.  Despite the

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The Long View… Ignore averages: Your money has to last for 30 years after retiring

Rather than planning for a 20-year retirement, prepare for 30 years of life after work, says Ian McGugan. Ian McGugan The Globe and Mail The four most dangerous words in long-term financial planning are, “Let’s assume I’m average.” Averages can

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Wanted: A stress-free, debt-free life

DIANNE MALEY  Special to The Globe and Mail Mike and Morley are in their 40s with two children and a serious aversion to debt. The mortgage they took out to buy their suburban Toronto home 14 years ago “was my

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Homecare in critical condition

Quebec tabled legislation to provide additional $100 million per year, but health critics say the program is failing those most in need “Five months without physiotherapy is unacceptable,” says Beverly Spanier, using an active-passive trainer in her Montreal home under

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U.S. expats in Canada, the IRS is eyeing your RRSPs

From Americans Living in Canada – Smile, The IRS is Watching You, by David A. Altro and Jonah Z. Spiegelman. Copyright © Altro Levy LLP, 2014. Reprinted with permission of Altro Levy LLP David A. Altro and Jonah Z. Spiegelman

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Will your retirement cash last for the rest of your life?

Ian McGugan The Globe and Mail: Think of retirement as a 30-year game of poker. You begin with a certain amount of money at, say, 65. Your mission is to figure out how to make that cash last for the rest

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