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The clock is ticking on contributing to your child’s educational savings

Every year you let pass means it will be more difficult to maximize the government grant. By the time your child turns 10 that could mean missing out on some of the $7,200 lifetime allowed per child. Garry Marr |

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Time to rethink investment rule as low interest rates continue

A Mississauga woman looks over her retirement portfolio. By Paul Delean, The Gazette MONTREAL — With interest rates near record lows, does it still make sense for retirees to have most of their nest egg in fixed-income investments? What used

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Canada doesn’t have your back: Free health care only goes so far, especially for some seniors

Despite the need to get on top of health-care expenses for one’s senior years, a Leger Marketing survey reported that 56% of Canadians are entirely unfamiliar with the costs of long-term care in their province. Free health care only goes

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Long-term care insurance for seniors is worth considering

Long-term care insurance not only helps finance part — or the entire — expense of staying in a private or semi-private long-term care facility, but can also provide a steady stream of income for nursing care or registered caregivers when

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