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Caring for an aging population

Surveys show a large number of Canadians stubbornly expect governments to pay for their future long-term care costs, but we don’t have a plan in place. Åke Blomqvist and Colin Busby, National Post | Cash-strapped provincial governments face a monumental

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Canada doesn’t have your back: Free health care only goes so far, especially for some seniors

Despite the need to get on top of health-care expenses for one’s senior years, a Leger Marketing survey reported that 56% of Canadians are entirely unfamiliar with the costs of long-term care in their province. Free health care only goes

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Long-term care insurance for seniors is worth considering

Long-term care insurance not only helps finance part — or the entire — expense of staying in a private or semi-private long-term care facility, but can also provide a steady stream of income for nursing care or registered caregivers when

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Homecare in critical condition

Quebec tabled legislation to provide additional $100 million per year, but health critics say the program is failing those most in need “Five months without physiotherapy is unacceptable,” says Beverly Spanier, using an active-passive trainer in her Montreal home under

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