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Five ways you’re missing out on free money

Melissa Leong – People are often skeptical at the mention of “free money.” Pop culture has taught us that there’s always a catch. When the Joker dumped $20-million in cash on a crowd of parade goers in Tim Burton’s Batman, that

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Should you contribute to your RRSP or pay down debt?

Even in today’s ultra-low interest rate environment, credit cards carry heavy interest charges and paying them off should be your first priority Melissa Leong- The Financial Post- When it comes to money decisions, it can be hard to figure out

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U.S. expats in Canada, the IRS is eyeing your RRSPs

From Americans Living in Canada – Smile, The IRS is Watching You, by David A. Altro and Jonah Z. Spiegelman. Copyright © Altro Levy LLP, 2014. Reprinted with permission of Altro Levy LLP David A. Altro and Jonah Z. Spiegelman

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Canada’s RRIF withdrawal rules forces seniors to outlive their savings, C.D. Howe study finds

Jason Heath | June 3, 2014 | The federal government may have inadvertently been doling out some bad retirement planning advice in recent years. By age 71 at the latest, Canadians must begin withdrawals from their tax deferred retirement accounts

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Did you have the cash available or did you have to take a loan and incur more expenses? Most people do not have the cash available and either go the loan way or do not contribute at all, thereby forfeiting

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