Retirement Planning

Start pensionizing your income and be guaranteed lifetime income.

Times have changed… What guarantees do you have that your employers retirement plan is enough to cover your spending until your last days? Twenty-five years ago, employers could guarantee pensions that would promise them a lifetime of income, but over the last few decades, these so called pension plans offered by employers have dropped significantly. Your retirement is subject to market fluctuations making it no longer assured. These risks can be avoided or at least managed properly by pensionizing your income.

At Feig Financial we will:

• Measure your retirement sustainability and maximize it
• Find new approaches using product allocation
• Monitor your retirement income plan
• Help you maximize your income in retirement so you don’t outlive your money
• Give you a step by step plan to create a guaranteed retirement income for life.

We invite you to view the video and contact us to discuss how we can find the right plan for you.

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