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Read the fine print: Travel insurance can bring expensive surprises

Travel insurance: Don’t leave home without it. But make sure you read the fine print, writes Rob Carrick. (Luis Pedrosa/Thinkstock) Rob Carrick The Globe and Mail There’s work to do in ensuring that people buy policies that will actually cover their

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Here’s why the CRA wants to know what’s going on in your bedroom

Just because you sleep together in the same room doesn’t mean you won’t meet the criteria of being married.   Garry Marr – So you snore a little and your spouse has you sleeping in a separate bedroom. That’s your business,

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Five ways you’re missing out on free money

Melissa Leong – People are often skeptical at the mention of “free money.” Pop culture has taught us that there’s always a catch. When the Joker dumped $20-million in cash on a crowd of parade goers in Tim Burton’s Batman, that

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