Life Time Gifting



People donate to charity for two main reasons: They have been directly impacted by the work of the organization or they believe in the work being carried out by the organization. Unfortunately, far too many people and their families have been impacted by tragedy in one form or another. Far too many times the tragedy involves our youngest and brightest, and far too often we have felt helpless to do anything. That is why we strive for a better future.

Our Mission is to provide a way for charities to leverage their donations in such a way that they can make the dreams of their donors a reality. They can address their hopes for a better future by always being able to obtain the latest in equipment, or the best in medical care, or the newest in health care prevention and always being able to ensure that the physical plant is maintained.

Our concept works individually or collectively as well as for organizations such as gifting foundations. Our concept provides flexibility for any donor. Our program benefits both the donor and the charity.

The advantages to the charity includes:

  1. Securing their long term financial means
  2. Providing an alternative to bank financing
  3. Planning with certainty

The advantage to the donor includes:

  1. Realizing your personal legacy
  2. Reducing your personal cost by making a donation each year to the charity (the latter is paid by the charity)
  3. Understanding the flexibility of the program concurrently increases the value to the charity as well as yourself

Feig Financial
is a firm specializing in strategic wealth management. We offer a complete range of professional services tailored to meet our client’s needs. Founded in 2000 by Judith Feig, the company is committed to creating growth, maximizing and preserving wealth and helping clients achieve financial security and peace of mind. We thrive on personal contact and are dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with our clients. Our focus is on finding the most creative strategies and solutions for our client’s needs.

As co-founder of Maison Shalom, a home for physically and mentally challenged individuals, Judith has been actively involved in community work and understands the challenges and the values of fundraising.

The ALLAN Group began servicing the not-for-profit sector more than five years ago with a mission to help these organizations do what they do better. As an extension of senior management, we strive to produce ways to make more money or to save money for each client. We offer a range of services from event planning to grant research and writing, from annual campaign strategies to planned giving. In 2014, Judith partnered with Allan to form a team offering our legacy program.

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