Financial security when you need it most

Critical Illness INsurance

Coverage and peace of mind when diagnosed with a life altering condition

Long term care Insurance

Coverage that provides home or facility health care to individuals with a chronic or disabling condtion

participating whole life insurance

Permanent life insurance protection with the opportunity for savings accumulation

disability insurance

Provides income in the event that you are unable to work and earn money

Travel insurance

Coverage and protection for a travelers main concerns or a variety of events 

term life insurance

Low cost insurance protection to meet your unique needs and financial obligations

Universal life insurance

Combines low cost insurance with competitive savings,  investment opportunities and optional features to meet different needs

Charitable Giving and Life Insurance

Explore how you can use life insurance to give growing sums of cash to your favorite causes and how these donations can work for you!

What They're Saying

"After giving thought to my retirement, Judith had a unique plan to help me feel more secure."
Phil R.
"Judith’s strategy has helped me use participating insurance to be my own bank. My cash values continue to grow and I no longer have the fear of outliving my money! She helped me secure guaranteed income for life."
Lisa D.
Business Owner

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