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Canadians losing out on as much as $3-billion in ‘free money’ defined-contribution pensions

Employers are paying out just 40% to 50% of available matching funds, according to industry estimates.   Barbara Shecter | December 2, 2014 The Financial Post While policymakers in Ottawa and the provinces continue to offer up new tools to

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Here’s why the CRA wants to know what’s going on in your bedroom

Just because you sleep together in the same room doesn’t mean you won’t meet the criteria of being married.   Garry Marr – So you snore a little and your spouse has you sleeping in a separate bedroom. That’s your business,

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Majority of Canadians can’t afford to retire: Conference Board report

Reuters – A retired couple take in the ocean during a visit to the beach in La Jolla, California January 8, 2013 A majority of working age Canadians in a recent survey said they did not believe they were saving

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Approaching retirement: Beware that final five-year stretch

  Ian McGugan The Globe and Mail The final half-decade in the labour force can set you up for a comfortable retirement or leave you far behind. Working for just a few more years can dramatically shift the outlook for

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Time to rethink investment rule as low interest rates continue

A Mississauga woman looks over her retirement portfolio. By Paul Delean, The Gazette MONTREAL — With interest rates near record lows, does it still make sense for retirees to have most of their nest egg in fixed-income investments? What used

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The Long View… Ignore averages: Your money has to last for 30 years after retiring

Rather than planning for a 20-year retirement, prepare for 30 years of life after work, says Ian McGugan. Ian McGugan The Globe and Mail The four most dangerous words in long-term financial planning are, “Let’s assume I’m average.” Averages can

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Wanted: A stress-free, debt-free life

DIANNE MALEY  Special to The Globe and Mail Mike and Morley are in their 40s with two children and a serious aversion to debt. The mortgage they took out to buy their suburban Toronto home 14 years ago “was my

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Will your retirement cash last for the rest of your life?

Ian McGugan The Globe and Mail: Think of retirement as a 30-year game of poker. You begin with a certain amount of money at, say, 65. Your mission is to figure out how to make that cash last for the rest

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How to be rich (in happiness) in retirement

Two other factors have a bigger effect on happiness in retirement: the reason for retirement (voluntarily retiring, for example leads to happier people) and health, says Keith Bender, an economics professor at the University of Aberdeen. Melissa Leong What is the

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The good news about the 4% withdrawal rule is that it might be too low

  Fred Vettese | July 22, 2014 If you plan to rely heavily on your savings in retirement, nothing is as important as determining how much you can safely withdraw each year. You don’t want to outlive your savings but

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